Madison County VOAD





P.O. Box 308

Huntsville, Alabama 35804


Madison County VOAD Officers



Madison County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (MCVOAD) serves member organizations through communication, cooperation, coordination, education, leadership development, mitigation, convening mechanisms, and outreach.  MCVOAD is a supporting collaborative, not a direct response organization. It is through its commitment as a convening mechanism that MCVOAD can have a positive impact on the community response efforts. It is under the obligation of that commitment that we create these organizing protocols.


Alabama has a state VOAD known as (ALVOAD).  Our MCVOAD will stay in communication with the ALVOAD when a community report by the MC Chairman committees or their elect, as our State ALVOAD may be able to offer assistance or work closes with our Resources Chair.   The State Emergency Management Agency (EMA) recognizes the value of voluntary agencies and other faith-based organizations that have a volunteer support base.


MCVOAD understands that each member agency possesses certain program areas of expertise targeted at different phases of the response and recovery process. No member agency has consistent strength or presence in every community or county within the state. For many, the level of response in any geographical area is greatly influenced by the performance of their local affiliates; many of which are somewhat autonomous from the parent organization. The intent is to get agencies and faith-based organizations with the desire and resources to act matched with the community’s needs.